Testimonials About Life at POP

I love having the ability to come to work everyday in high spirits knowing that I have a job I enjoy working with people who are more like a family. I feel empowered to do my best knowing that my hard work is acknowledged. I love that we come together for outreach opportunities through POP Cares community events. It’s all the small things that make POP stand out from other companies. The atmosphere at POP is warm and welcoming and couldn’t ask for anything more in a corporate environment!

Ali Gutierrez Refund Specialist

The environment here at POP is inclusive, with folks easily exchanging smiles and words of encouragement.  This is an employee-created culture — full of food and laughter — that  would be enviable to most other companies.  In my entire professional career, I’ve never worked with a group so dedicated to professionalism and kindness.

Joe Tregellas Team Lead, Accounts Receivable

I noticed the positive atmosphere at POP immediately. During the interview process, I quickly got the feeling of job satisfaction with the people conducting my interview. The company loyalty, solid benefits and the people are what make POP shine and none like the rest. POP is growing, but intelligently. I enjoy coming to work on a daily basis!

Dartanan Hudgens Refund Specialist

There are so many wonderful things about working for Physician Office Partners. The flexibility in the work schedule; the way the company takes pride in its employees’ knowledge of anesthesia billing, making us the best; the caring, supporting, friendly diverse team in the department that I work in is not only my friends but a part of my family; and so much more.  These things make me feel valued and I work harder to excel to achieve my goals so that I can be an important asset to this company.

Elaina Sydnor Charge Entry Analyst

It is wonderful to be able to say that I am excited to come to work each morning, which is what Physician Office Partners affords me. From the top down this organization fosters an atmosphere of inclusion and unity that I have not seen before in my professional career. POP shows its employees how valuable they are on a regular basis through career advancement opportunities, amazing leadership skills workshops, and multiple employee appreciation events throughout the year.

Tim Ferris Team Lead, Quality Reporting

I have been with Physician Office Partners for over two years and I am thankful to work for a company that not only focuses on you as an employee, but they are also invested in you as a person and always willing to work with you on personal matters in a compassionate and professional manner. I look forward to continued learning and growth with the company.

Aneesha Abdullah Charge Entry Analyst

Working at POP has been very rewarding and I am thrilled to work here. I love my team and my manager is truly amazing! I am beyond excited to see what the future holds not only for the company but for myself in my career. Room for growth and opportunities for advancement are second to none. I enjoy coming to work knowing the chemistry and morale that my team possess makes my job easier. I take great pride and pleasure in working for a company that rewards employees as well as putting them in the best position to succeed.

Marlon Suber Records Reconciliation Specialist

It’s an amazing privilege to be a part of the team at Physician Office Partners.  This company truly embraces their mission statement and promotes a culture in which employees can grow and thrive.  I can say that I 100% love my job and am proud to be part of this organization, we are a team and that is reflected in our success.

Geri Kennedy Supervisor, Charge Entry

Starting from the Executive Leaders down to my peers, the people at POP are truly like a second family.  Management cares about their employees as people and promote work-life balance, and in return I feel happy to do my best every day when I am here.

Suzanne Bradbury Accounts Receivable Specialist

From the very beginning, I have been amazed with the support, encouragement, dedication and truly caring environment. Opportunities provided for growth and development are second to none in my experience. The support and sincerity doesn’t stop at the employment level. POP gives back to our community in many different ways. Whether it is a food drive, a chance to provide school supplies to children in need or a women’s shelter, POP is there! Not only do they commit to the cause,  the staff generously contribute all they can to assist. It’s an honor to be a part of a company that surpasses others in the industry and is able to maintain the closeness within to have staff from all departments eager to help one another both inside and outside of our daily roles within the company. Great company, great benefits, great people, I couldn’t ask for more.

Jackie Kidwell Director, Accounts Payable

From my first day at Physician Office Partners, I knew I was working for a company that cared about me. I am more than a number or a nameless employee. I enjoy coming to work because, from my teammates to our President, POP is a family. As one of the fastest growing anesthesia billing companies in the country, I know that I have many opportunities for growth and advancement in the future.

Joe Willis Payment Poster

Physician Office Partners is an amazing company to be part of. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to say that I have found a career and not just a job. With the enormous amount of growth, there have been several opportunities for advancement. My leadership and work ethic were generously recognized and I went from an entry level position to supervisor in a year and half. POP encourages personal and professional development by setting a standard of excellence and provides the guidance and mentoring to continuously improve. In addition to a family-oriented work environment there is also a huge focus on community outreach events, which is something I am proud to be a part of. POP CARES!

Kathy Carbrey Supervisor, Charge Entry

Joining POP was a true turning point in my life. At POP I have enjoyed the work-life balance, competitive compensation with benefits, and a stellar work environment. Until POP, all of my jobs have lacked at least one of these very crucial components. A prime example was my first week of employment. I experienced a personal tragedy within my family and was so nervous I had to request a day off for a funeral. However, I did not experience any backlash that I had experienced at previous jobs. Since day one POP has been supportive towards me as a person and as a professional. This motivates me to be involved and be the best I can be within the POP community!

Melissa Garza Accounts Receivable Specialist

The positive atmosphere at POP is noticeable at all levels. People smile, people are helpful, upbeat and genuine. This was my first impression on day one. I have been part of POP over a year now, and the atmosphere is still the same. The company’s senior leaders have truly internalized the goals and objectives they have laid out for growth of the company. They are truly connected and focus driven. People feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and hard work. There is definitely a rare energy from the top down that is contagious. This energy, is what keeps me motivated to want to perform at my best. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of the POP family.

Loreece Rose Supervisor, Accounts Receivable

I love working in an environment where communication is our key focus.  Any employee at any given time can be asked to participate on a committee where their voice and opinion matter.  This communication explodes into new innovative ideas and growth at Physician Office Partners.  This phenomenal growth provides all of us with leadership opportunities.  I can’t envision a career anywhere else.

Angela Jackson Charge Entry Analyst

In my time at Physician Office Partners, the work environment from the top down has been absolutely wonderful. All employees, no matter their title, are willing to assist you with your questions, and everyone helps and encourages you to improve and be the best at your job.

Daniel Bates Team Lead, Accounts Receivable

I’m delighted to work for Physician Office Partners, a company with integrity and compassion for others. My commitment to my work doesn’t go unnoticed and it makes me strive for excellence. Not only does Executive Leadership acknowledge hard work, but they take the time to get to know their employees; they stop you just to ask how is your day is going. My time with Physician Office Partners has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to many more years to come

Angela Allen Customer Service Specialist

I knew of POP’s awesome reputation through my husband who worked in the industry. When a mutual friend of ours reached out about a training position I was eager to apply. I have not been disappointed! POP is the type of place where the mission statement truly reflects the culture of the organization. Executives listen and are approachable; co-workers care about each other and their work. Every year they conduct an employee survey and ask for feedback from the staff on how we can constantly improve our workplace experience. And every year they hold an employee conference full of guest speakers and professional development training. It’s an exciting fun way to learn, grow and connect with teammates across the organization. I’m proud to be a member of such an intelligent, hardworking community!

Katie Soldan Manager, Training and Development

Throughout my years at POP, I have been amazed by the growth of our business. The exceptional growth is a testimony to the Executive Leadership of our company.  I say “our” company because the atmosphere makes you feel a personal involvement in the company’s success.

Mary Jo Fisk Accounts Receivable Specialist

Not only do I enjoy working for POP, but I am proud to work for a company that strives to make helping the Kansas City community a top priority. I love being outside the office and recognizing the various charities POP supports and their purpose, all while knowing the company I work for has contributed to their success in providing for so many. POP goes above and beyond in this aspect, unlike anywhere else I have ever worked.