Kind Words From Happy Members

I love having the ability to come to work everyday in high spirits knowing that I have a job I enjoy working with people who are more like a family. I feel empowered to do my best knowing that my hard work is acknowledged. I love that we come together for outreach opportunities through POP Cares community events. It’s all the small things that make POP stand out from other companies. The atmosphere at POP is warm and welcoming and couldn’t ask for anything more in a corporate environment!

Ali Gutierrez Refund Specialist

The environment here at POP is inclusive, with folks easily exchanging smiles and words of encouragement.  This is an employee-created culture — full of food and laughter — that  would be enviable to most other companies.  In my entire professional career, I’ve never worked with a group so dedicated to professionalism and kindness.

Joe Tregellas Team Lead, Accounts Receivable

POP is an exciting company to work for on many levels. I have been here over 2 years and have seen so much growth, from the clients we serve to the number of employees to the benefits we receive. In addition to the growth, I truly feel appreciated and recognized for my dedication and hard work by not only management but coworkers as well. POP is an excellent company to work for!

Rachael Nelson Team Lead, Customer Service

I have worked in the medical industry for 14 years, this is by far the best of the best. POP prides itself on providing a team atmosphere that allows employees to be more than just a number. POP empowers team members to provide innovative feedback and solutions to the issues we face in the medical billing industry. I am proud to say that I am a POP team member and would recommend it to anyone wanting to work for an organization that challenges, grows, mentors and values it employees.

Jessica Marshall Team Lead, Accounts Receivable

I noticed the positive atmosphere at POP immediately. During the interview process, I quickly got the feeling of job satisfaction with the people conducting my interview. The company loyalty, solid benefits and the people are what make POP shine and none like the rest. POP is growing, but intelligently. I enjoy coming to work on a daily basis!

Dartanan Hudgens Refund Specialist

There are so many wonderful things about working for Physician Office Partners. The flexibility in the work schedule; the way the company takes pride in its employees’ knowledge of anesthesia billing, making us the best; the caring, supporting, friendly diverse team in the department that I work in is not only my friends but a part of my family; and so much more.  These things make me feel valued and I work harder to excel to achieve my goals so that I can be an important asset to this company.

Elaina Sydnor Charge Entry Analyst

It is wonderful to be able to say that I am excited to come to work each morning, which is what Physician Office Partners affords me. From the top down this organization fosters an atmosphere of inclusion and unity that I have not seen before in my professional career. POP shows its employees how valuable they are on a regular basis through career advancement opportunities, amazing leadership skills workshops, and multiple employee appreciation events throughout the year.

Tim Ferris Team Lead, Quality Reporting

I have been with Physician Office Partners for over two years and I am thankful to work for a company that not only focuses on you as an employee, but they are also invested in you as a person and always willing to work with you on personal matters in a compassionate and professional manner. I look forward to continued learning and growth with the company.

Aneesha Abdullah Charge Entry Analyst

Being a part of the POP team has been an amazing experience.  The culture is truly a family-oriented environment that doesn’t lose site of the value of the people.  Employees are empowered to learn and grow within a positive team atmosphere while being supported by a caring and passionate leadership team. The compassion does not stop within the organization.  POP also takes pride in giving back to the community in various outreach efforts through POP Cares.

Michele Shackelford Director, Accounts Receivable East

Working at POP has been very rewarding and I am thrilled to work here. I love my team and my manager is truly amazing! I am beyond excited to see what the future holds not only for the company but for myself in my career. Room for growth and opportunities for advancement are second to none. I enjoy coming to work knowing the chemistry and morale that my team possess makes my job easier. I take great pride and pleasure in working for a company that rewards employees as well as putting them in the best position to succeed.