You may have noticed that life at POP has not changed all that much with the exit of our founding leader, Rob Davey. There are a few learning curves for our executive team, but as far as the day-to-day operations, I’m happy to say it should be a seamless transition for our team.

In addition, the future of POP should stay steady for the coming months/quarters. Envision corporate is not currently assessing bringing on new business or acquiring new companies currently. For POP, that means we don’t expect a large influx of new business for the foreseeable future. This should provide us some time to hone our skills, get to know our accounts better and practice efficiencies in our billing.

For the last several years, Envision has been on a purchase and acquisition cycle. As you can imagine the trajectory of growth that we’ve been on for the last several years has caused some growing pains and band-aid approaches that may not be the most effective way to run the business. Envision is taking a break from looking at external growth opportunities and really identifying how we can make our processes internally more efficient and effective. You have seen some of the efforts of this through the integration initiative.  There is a huge cost-savings to Envision by having everyone on the same technology platforms and utilizing the same processes.

In addition to identifying infrastructure needs and generalizing them across all branches of the company, Envision is also identifying RCM leaders within the company. POP has been identified as one of those leaders for the anesthesia RCM service line of business.  Envision is considering the possibility of modeling other RCM service lines off what we are doing here. That is a true testament to each of you and the excellent work you do!

After this period of steadiness, I see our next area for growth coming primarily from consolidating 3rd party RCM companies that reside outside of the Envision portfolio. I anticipate this business will eventually come to POP but the timeline on when that will take place is unknown. I encourage each of you to take this lull in the craziness of adding new business to hone your craft and learn how to work more effectively and efficiently. Keep doing the great work that you do and thank you for making POP a leader in the anesthesia billing space!

— Mike Baima – VP, Revenue Cycle Management – East