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Anesthesia Providers
Anesthesia Providers

You will benefit from the stability and experience of our staff...

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Hospital Administrators
Hospital Administrators

We provide the proper leadership structure that allows you to hold key personnel accountable for the...

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Compliance Professionals
Compliance Professionals

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010, all providers enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid are required to...

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There are many reasons why our clients have selected us for their Anesthesia Billing Services, but the most important reason why you should consider us ... once you join us you won't want to leave.  Since we opened our doors over 10 years ago only one customer has left us ... and even they found their way back.

Give us a try: comprehensive, experienced, personal service, US-based anesthesiology medical billing.

Welcome to Physician Office Partners, Inc., Your Partners in Anesthesia Billing

Our All-Inclusive Anesthesia Package

Physician Office Partners, Inc. offer an all-inclusive solution to your anesthesia billing need with all work performed in our Overland Park, KS location. …read more

Our Experienced Transition Team

Each anesthesia billing client is assigned an Account Manager who will work with you to ensure a smooth transition. This involves a detailed analysis of your practice. more

Our Technology

We use PPM state of the art anesthesia billing specific software more

To learn more about our leading and competitive anesthesia billing solutions, contact Physician Office Partners to find out how your company will benefit from partnering with us.
Time for a Change?
When changing anesthesia billing companies there are specific items you need to take into consideration.  Our goal is to assist you in making the most informed decision possible. Listed below are services that need to be reviewed prior to any decision.

What are your days in A/R?
Do they use anesthesia specific software?
Where are services performed?
How many years have they been in business?
What compliance record do they have?
What is their collection rate?

Ask your current service provider ... then ask us.